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the value of the experience

Ediciones AUPPER, international publishing group, has undergone a significant expansion in the last decade, reaching the undisputable position of market leader.

Ediciones AUPPER, following the policy of VALUE CREATION and providing their customers with quality products, always count on innovation, design and creativity.

Ediciones AUPPER provides their customers, as a result of a dedicated and thorough editing and production process, with an ample and attractive range of exclusive books on a great variety of topics, backed up with leading edge multimedia support.

More than 60,0000 customers trust nowadays on Ediciones AUPPER, thanks to the joint effort of some 1,000 professionals who firmly believe in what they make and work day after day to provide value to their customers.

Ediciones AUPPER team of experts look very closely after design, presentation, binding, paper quality and photographic reproduction of every edition, as well as accuracy of the information and documentary material, in association with the most prestigious specialists on the different topics. All subject to most stringent quality controls, so as to provide unpublished and exclusive books.

Ediciones AUPPER has in the last years consolidated exclusive agreements with the most prestigious and innovative brands in the consumer goods market and turned, as a result of this, into the sector leader.






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